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10 Exciting Filipino Movies in 2012!

ang bata sa bintana xyriel manabat
1. Ang Bata Sa Bintana - Last year’s Filipino opening salvo was a sure box-office and quality movie “Bulong”! And since the announcement of this so “horror comedy” film, Ang Bata Sa Bintana, we’re looking forward for Direk Chito Rono to have this film be the first movie offering of 2012. Helmed by the multi-awarded director Chito S. Rono this film promises to be the most interesting of the films with Xyriel Manabat on the lead role.
here comes the bride sequel
2. Here Comes The Bride II - One of my favorite Filipino films of all time. This astounding soul-swapping comedy has got to be one of the highly anticipated sequel for a Pinoy movie ever! Since, the first film opened possibilities of a new wedding, with Precy (Eugene Domingo) falling in love to a rich family’s driver (Nico Antonio) and so with Bien (Jaime Fabregas) and Mariz (Cai Cortez). Yet another one-of-a-kind wedding film filled with misfortunes and comic moments is going to hit theaters soon! Or perhaps, we’ll have new characters and theories about why these 5 persons are interrelated.
aswang chronicles movie
Aswang Chronicles BTS credits to Jimi Concepcion
3. The Aswang Chronicles - Direk Erik Matti has been working on his comeback film. A horror adventure film about a couple who found themselves marooned in a town of Aswangs. Topbilled by Dingdong Dantes and Lovi Poe, I’m very much excited to see the outcome of this film primarily because the story reminds me of the ‘Aswang’ stories my parents told me when I was a kid. The thought of a couple trapped in a house surrounded by a village of Aswangs is really scary. Secondly, it’s somewhat a collaboration between the filmmakers from Zombadings (Jade Castro and Michiko Yamamoto) and Direk Erik Matti. And lastly, Dingdong Dantes will be playing a strikingly unconventional character a boozer that would eventually become a hero. I believe it’s fresh to have a drunkard protagonist in Filipino cinema! :D

4. ÜnOfficially Yours - John Lloyd Cruz + Angel Locsin?? After their tv series Imortal, I’ve been wanting to see their love tandem again on screen. And Star Cinema just gave us what we always wanted. A John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin Movie! Helmed by the blockbuster director Cathy Garcia-Molina. This romantic comedy movie is surely a must-watch movie of the year.
5. Kimmy Dora II -Simply the funniest Eugene Domingo movie! Definitely the best character(s) portrayed by Eugene Domingo so far. The sequel is a must watch because there’s going to be a temple of Kiyeme with Kimmy and Dora Go Dong Hae!
6. I’ll Never Go - There’s something about Filipino romantic drama films recently. They’re getting more interesting and of good quality. Jun Lana’s 2011 projects has been really good if you must know and so as with other directors. Star Cinema’s drama films of 2011  are great too with directors like Ruel Bayani (No Other Woman) and Olive Lamasan (In The Name of Love). This 2012, Star Cinema will pair Derek Ramsay and Bea Alonzo in a heartwarming drama film entitled “I’ll Never Go”.
Suddenly Its Magic
7. Suddenly It’s Magic – the thai heartthrob who made waves in the Philippines with his film “A Very Special Love” has signed a contract with Star Cinema. And in the works is a Filipino-Thai movie which is mostly set in Thailand, starring our very own Erich Gonzales and Thailand’s Mario Maurer. I wonder though how this film will work with all the language barriers and stuff. Perhaps, with “Magic”!!

8. Corazon - Call me the number 1 fan of Erich Gonzales but this year she’ll shine the brightest! From a light romantic movie to an Aswang. What can you say? Supposed to be released last year, I hope this romantic horror film will finally push through.
9. The Healing - Forgive me for being a die hard horror fan but I feel like this list won’t do without Chito Rono’s film uniting Kim Chiu and Vilma Santos in the big screen!
OJT movie
10. OJT (On The Job Training) - With a story triggered by an actual political scandal were prisoners are hired as hitmen by politicians. Direk Erik Matti is currently working on a Filipino hitman thriller entitled “OJT”. OJT which stands for On the Job Training stars Piolo Pascual, Joel Torre and Richard Gomez.

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