Sabado, Pebrero 4, 2012

I was really close to upgrading my iPhone 4 when the 4S launched last year.
Not because I was dying for the upgrade, but because I was getting sick of AT&T's horrible service in New York. I wanted an excuse to make the move to Verizon.
But for me, the upgrade didn't make sense. I, like many other current iPhone 4 owners, was hoping for a bit more from Apple.
Luckily, it looks like the next iPhone could arrive as early as this summer, according to some new rumors. I might not have to wait as long as I thought.
Before I do upgrade though, I have a few demands for the next iPhone. Keep reading to see what I want.

It's time for Apple to finally adopt 4G

I can understand why Apple was hesitant to add 4G LTE to the iPhone 4S. It's a battery hog. The chips necessary to hop on 4G networks could've made the iPhone thicker instead of sleek and thin. Basically, the same reasons it waited an extra year to add 3G to the iPhone.
But now it's time for Apple to get on board. I've used Verizon and AT&T's LTE networks on several different Android devices and the speeds are incredible. At times, it can be as fast as your Wi-Fi connection at home. If Apple skips LTE again this year the iPhone will look antiquated compared to the competition.

A 4-inch screen

Every time I test a new Android phone with a 4-inch (or larger) screen, I find it hard to adjust when I return to my iPhone's tiny 3.5-inch display. After using every screen size imaginable, I think 4 inches is the true sweet spot for a smartphone. With all the video watching and gaming we do on our phones, it'd be nice to have some extra real estate on the display.

It should play HD video

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