Miyerkules, Pebrero 8, 2012

Visayas quake wreaks P265M worth of Damage.

11 bridges in Negros impassable
MANILA, Philippines – Damages to infrastructure in central Visayas caused by the magnitude 6.9 earthquake is estimated to have reached P265.75 million, according to the Public Information Division of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).
Several roads and bridges in the provinces of Negros Oriental and Cebu were rendered impassable to motorists because of the earthquake.
The following bridges along Dumaguete North road in Negros Oriental are declared impassable by the DPWH:
Martilo, La Libertad and Malaiba bridges in La Libertad; Pangaloan, Jimalalud, and San Jose bridges in Jimalalud; Oyangon bridge in Ayungon; Baleria, Tinayunan, P. Zamora, and Habag bridges in Guihulngan.
The quake also caused cracks, road cuts and landslides, which made several sections of Dumaguete North road also impassable.
Meanwhile, a section of Dalaguete-Mantalongon-Badian road in Km 111 and Km 112 in the town of Badian, Cebu is also impassable due to debris, landslides and road slips.
The DPWH said clearing operations are ongoing.

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